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Neeme Liivlaid

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Industry: FinTech


Across the globe, people face challenges with traditional money. Issues like inflation, instability, and inequality make it tough to keep money safe and maintain its value. Limited options to protect wealth make it even harder to achieve financial security and freedom. These hurdles impact everyone: the unbanked and underbanked; professionals and crypto experts; and everyone in between.


Currynomics builds real-world asset-backed digital currencies for all.
Redcurry, our first curry, is a real estate-backed digital currency. Currency's stability comes from being tied to the net asset value of commercial real estate, creating a secure and reliable store of wealth. It's as easy to use as Bitcoin, and accessible to everyone, including the 1.7 billion unbanked, making it a step towards financial inclusion. No one can randomly inflate its supply, ensuring its immunity to typical financial volatility.

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