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Asim Azizov

Industry: eCommerce & Marketplace


In-person property visits are time-consuming and can limit people's ability to explore and assess real estate options. This can make it difficult for those who cannot visit due to distance, travel restrictions, or accessibility issues to participate in the market and find suitable properties. Traditional real estate listings may not fully capture the essence and details of a property, leading to uncertainty and potential disappointment for potential buyers or renters. Limited visual content can make it difficult to visualize the layout, flow, and overall condition of a property.


Users can experience virtual 360-degree tours of properties, allowing them to navigate through the space and explore different rooms, from different perspectives. This immersive experience provides a realistic view of the property without the need for physical visits. They also access comprehensive information about the property. Users can easily contact the listing agent or property owner directly through the application or website. This facilitates communication and enables users to ask questions, request additional information, or schedule in-person visits if necessary.

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